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    • Wired Gaming Keyboard
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    8818 Orange


    1. Upper case:grey/orange injection

    2. Decoration: Orange and black injection, detachable

    3. Down case: ABS black injection

    4. Keycap: transparent injection+painting+laser engraving+UV painting

    5. Kailh blue switches+double-side PCB board

    6. Cable material:four pure copper wires  with magnetic ring,  1.8M,  black PVC cable,  gold plating USB interface

    7. 19 buttons anti-ghosting(we can do 26 or all buttons anti-ghosting if needed)

    8. LED Illumination in one color

    9. Logo: Transparent injection+painting+laser engraving+UV painting(lighting)

    10. Blue LED indicator light


    1. Cool appearance,  break troditional mechanical keyboard ID.

    2. Use Kailh switch,  ensure the sense of touch,  lifetime up to 50 million times.

    3. Use double-color injection keycaps, more wearable and durable.

    4. Six colors mixed lighting,  similar to RGB,  9 lighting patterns

    5. Carry with famous Taiwan  IC project,  ensure the stability of functions

    Size: 470*230*30mm

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